Fattinger Orso Architektur is a Vienna-based Design and Fabrication Studio working at the intersection of architecture, art and design. The work ranges from small object design, interior projects, exhibition design to public art installations, cultural productions and urban interventions, as well as lecturing and teaching.

Motivated by the will to maintain the conceptual, architectural and economic control of their projects the studio ideally acts as developer, designer and constructor, working beyond the classical spectre of architectural practice.

*1976 in Bolzano, Italy

1995-2002 Architectural studies at TU Vienna, A
1998-1999 Architectural studies at TU Delft, NL
2002 Diploma in Architecture, TU Vienna; Title: Child and Space
since 2003 Self-employed Activity
1997-2006 Freelancing in different Architectural Offices in Bolzano, Rotterdam and Vienna
2004 Architectural licence, Board of Architecture,
Province of Bolzano
2006 Architectural research Group, EBS-Environment, Behaviour and Society, University of Sydney

*1972 in Linz, Austria

1991-1999 Architectural studies at TU Vienna, A
1999 Diploma in Architecture, TU Vienna;
Title: Kulturmaschine NYC
1993-1999 Part-time freelancing, Arch. Fritz Matzinger, Linz
2000 Project Leader by "Atelier van Lieshout", Rotterdam, NL
since 2000 Self-employed Activity
since 2003  Teaching at the Institute of Architecture and Design, department of Housing and Design, TU Vienna;
Focus: Design-Build-Studios
2005-2011 PHD Studies at TU Vienna
2011 PHD Thesis, TU Vienna, Title: Design-Build-Studio. framework, processes and potentials of design-build-projects in architectural education since 2018 Associate Professor at TU Vienna

In-house prototyping and fabrication workshop in Frauendorf an der Schmida, A